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Power7 Start-Up Bundle

Power7 Start-Up Bundle

Get access to the following products at an amazing 50% reduced rate: 

  • Passion Product Finder (define the passion that will power your business)
  • Big Message Masterclass (create your big impact message that brings in business)
  • Touchpoint Training (how to grow your email list with quality leads, even if you're starting at zero)
  • Funnels DeMystified (and why you'd be better going to the Funfair instead!)
  • Magenta Marketing Method (Proven introvert-friendly ways to market your business online)
  • 49 Ways to be Visible Online (quick checklist for when the well is dry and you need more leads)
  • Online Business Toolkit (your one-stop resource library to get direction on all the set-up elements needed when selling online)

RRP £997


Things are changing around here, so this is your last chance to access these trainings, grab an amazing deal PLUS power up your business to end the year strong. 


You will be offered the chance to save further when you add on your ticket to Elevate! - the group mastermind day that is next held on Monday 28th February.

With this bundle, you save £100

Ticket Price £197 - With bundle just £97

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