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Signature Offer System

Attention: All Introverted Coaches, Consultants, Creatives and Healers, it's time to....

Share Your Knowledge Online and build a future-proof business

The Signature Offer System training is for you, if you ...

  • Have an idea for a digital course but are unsure of what your clients really want from you, so need help developing an idea.
  • Are currently doing one-to-on work (coaching , consulting, service-based business) and no longer want to trade time for money.
  • Already have an online course or signature offer but you are not getting new clients through the doors and you are not sure why...

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above... keep reading!

The Signature Offer System training is designed with you in mind. Next cohort starts Spring 2023. 

Your Signature Offer is 
The offer at the HEART of your business
The offer that CALLS your people to you
The offer that you get KNOWN for

Now, more than ever, people are selling their expertise and coaching online.

To see success, you need to set up your offers to engage, excite and entice your people in.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to ...

At the end of this training, your unique knowledge framework will be set up to generate consistent, scalable revenue.

A Signature Offer is not just created in a moment in your head...

Your Signature Offer is crafted from your experiences, your expertise and the needs of your clients.

Elif shares her experience:

The way Susanna approaches the design of a 'signature program' is quite unique. This training has very rich, fulfilling content with great design and great expertise. Wonderful takeaways for me were understanding how to position my service product, the aspects of landing my concepts into geometrical form and speaking my message through images.Throughout the program, I always felt a warm expert holding my hand, very mindful of my needs. I would highly recommend Susanna as a coach!

Are You Ready To ...

  • Say goodbye to indecision and procrastination for good as your confidence and clarity soars following the Signature Offer System.
  • See new clients reach out to you as you are creating the perfect offers for them right now, as you meet them where they are at.
  • Be confident and clear in your marketing message as you answer the call of your clients, and let them know you are the right person to help them.

It's time to create your signature offer that shows your TRUE WORTH

In 10 weeks or less, you will be ready to launch with confidence and welcome new clients.

You will be lead, step by step, through the process of just doing it. #trusttheprocess

Simply follow the program, do one training and one action at a time and before you know it you’ll hit Mission Accomplished!

From Zero to Sales The Introvert Way™

What's Inside:
Module 1: Set Up for Success: You’ll choose your product, set the perfect price and create your own personalised Online Offer Blueprint. If you have no product idea yet, no problem - we will find the product in this time together! Right out the gate we look at your valuable business niche, how to price your offer and find your people.

Module 2: Your Eureka! Moment : You’ll realise what makes your product unique and generate your first leads before you have published your offer! If you are launching an online program, this module will highlight the must-haves of your program content.

Module 3: Discover the Diamonds : How to make your product irresistible so people can’t help but say yes!  This includes how to name your product, the ways you will serve your clients and how to share this without overwhelming your audience.

Module 4: Set off Sparklers : The key elements to get clients lining up at your front door, credit card in hand, signing up for your high value service packages, program or membership.

Module 5: Ducks in a Row : Follow the stress-free SOS template that brings everything you need together to make the perfect sale. We also then look at what the ideal lead magnet for your signature offer is, creating those magical "hot leads".

Mission Accomplished: SUCCESS! Congratulations! You’ve created and published a lucrative Signature Offer! 

At the end you will have your sales page published, your signature offer outlined and ready to serve and all the marketing copy and images you need to sell your offer with ease.

Show me all the Juicy Extras on your website!

This training experience, outlines everything from STRATEGY TO PLANNING & CREATION of your online course, membership or signature service offer.

Have your Signature Offer Ready to Enrol Students in 10 weeks or less

Recent graduate feedback on the program:

This course is the right choice for you if you want to create your main offer and have an impact in the world. You will receive the guidance on how to create and set up your signature offer, not only in your mind but also creating a published sales page, for all to see. Susanna supports you on every step of the way and guides with care and a good portion of firmness. Should you happen to go down the rabbit hole, just because you are overly creative(!), she knows how to kindly get you back on track and motivates you to finish the task at hand so that you achieve your goal. I highly recommend Susanna for any of her offers or courses. - DanaGita

DanaGita celebrated her first 5-figure launch for her high-value group program after completing the Signature Offer System training:

Others share their experience... 

Holly had her first sale in the first hour after sharing her Signature Offer Sales Page with her people!

Sounds great! - Show me the Details

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