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Welcome to the Spark Space!

Where Ideas Find Form

If you're a digital creator in the business of transformation, whether through coaching, consulting or as a practitioner, then you are in the right place.

Let's clarify your offers, create magnetic messaging and discover how to deliver cohesive coaching programmes to take your business to the next level using your unique Sparkle Frameworks®.

  • Imagine having total confidence about how you show up in your business 
  • Imagine having an offer or online course that sells because it’s exactly what your clients need. 
  • Imagine that you wake up each morning to payment notifications as clients see the value in your service and knowledge.

(It's Totally Possible!)

The Spark Space is where it all happens!

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Free Resource Bundle

START HERE: All free for you in your business, to get you taking action now, not later!

BOOK: The Introvert Way® Roadmap

Book: The Introvert Way® ROADMAP will guide you step by step to design and scale a profitable, knowledge-based business online. 

Sparkle Framework Starter Kit

SELF-LED TRAINING: Discover the top 3 Sparkle Frameworks® to power up your business offers and marketing. £149

Blue Spark Strategy Session

PRIVATE COACHING: An in-depth, soul searching, fire-lighting 90-minute intensive call with Susanna. Bonus: Access to Big Message Masterclass

Introvert Business Booster

2 SUPPORT OPTIONS: The introvert-friendly rocket fuel that will boost your business bottom line as you power-up to the next level and turn on cruise-control, The Introvert Way®. Instant Binge-Worthy Content with personal feedback. 

Signature Offer System

From Zero Idea to Sales The Introvert Way® - Craft, Design & Publish Your Signature Offer in 10 weeks or less, so that you can expand your business online, earn your true worth to support the life you desire. Click through for details and 2023 Waitlist.

Powerhouse Library

40+ Expert masterclasses to bring greater understanding and results to your business journey, from the introvert point of view.

Facebook community

FB COMMUNITY: All free for you, with opportunities to connect with others and attend regular expert masterclasses that will help your business thrive online

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