BOOK: The Introvert Way® Roadmap

The Introvert Way® ROADMAP

Use your introvert superpowers to design and scale a profitable knowledge-based business

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  • "I love the clear and crisp structure of the book."
  • "The Introvert Way® Roadmap is informative, encouraging and shows introverted business owners a simple and effective way to build a successful knowledge-based business."
  • "The Introvert Way® Roadmap is a must-read for every introverted entrepreneur! It's an outstanding and easy-to-follow step-by-step roadmap that supports every introverted business owner along the way, no matter if you're just starting out or already look to scale. I wish I had this in-depth guide when I started my business. It would have helped to avoid overwhelm and stopped me from going after every other shiny object. I definitely recommend reading it, and following its advice, it's a shortcut! "


These gems will get you started on your quest for online business power.

👉 Course Creation Template; an Excel spreadsheet documents set up and ready for you to fill as you plan your first online course.

👉 8 Steps to Sell Your Online Course; follow these steps in sequence to give yourself the best chance for success when you open the doors to your new course.

👉 Subscriber Action Plan; once someone gives you their email address in return for your touchpoint offer, what's next?! This Subscriber action plan has you covered with the welcome series of emails laid out for you to use, complete with how long you should leave to wait between each email. 

👉 The Introvert Planner; a one sheet beautiful golden and printable planner to keep you focused weekly on your goals

👉 49 Ways to be Visible Online; tips on how to get visible online, and download the checklist, as well as several other high value templates to help you grow your business online.

About the Book

A big shift has happened in the last few years, and it’s all to the benefit of introverts in business. Work-life balances are being reset, and the future looks brighter for many.

Business expectations have changed. No-one expects you to commute long distances and show up face to face at an office. Now is a great time to extend your reach and expand your knowledge-based business online.

  • You can create a business without borders, serving clients around the world, without having to leave your home. 
  • You can easily recruit a team to support you and your clients across multiple time zones without employing them directly.
  • You can start serving many clients at the same time without adding more hours to your week.

All these things play into introverts’ hands, along with being able to run a business in line with your energy. 

The Introvert Way® Roadmap provides a step-by-step guide to design and scale your coaching or consultancy business. 

There are multiple ways to monetise your expertise online. Whether you are starting from scratch or scaling your business internationally, The Introvert Way™ Roadmap has you covered.



(Note: Paperback comes with free digital copy and digital downloads)

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