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I've created a whole library of trainings that are designed to get your clients achieve the transformation that you help them with. Do you want to go check them all out? 

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Design and scale your knowledge-based business

If you're a digital creator in the business of transformation, whether through design, coaching or healing, then you are in the right place.

Say goodbye to the confusion and overwhelm as I, Susanna Reay, am here for you!

I founded The Introvert Way® Training programs in 2015, as I saw fellow introverts, empaths, and creators needed a different way to get all those amazing ideas out of our heads and into action. Today I serve all those in need of clarity and focus who are looking to create a successful online business by selling their services.

Let's get your offers defined and priced right with clear messaging to take your business from spinning to focused growth using my unique Sparkle Frameworks®.

  • Imagine having total confidence about how you show up in your business 
  • Imagine having an offer or online course that sells because it’s exactly what your clients need. 
  • Imagine that you wake up each morning to payment notifications as clients see the value in your service and knowledge.

(It's Totally Possible!)

It's time to set you up for success online, dive in below to find your ideal support solution.

The Spark Space is where it all happens!

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When you work with me, you get a unique perspective into your business as we combine your expertise with strategy and branding that brings you Wow! Impact and will leave you top-of-mind to your clients.

Why work with me, you ask?

I get tech and strategy as much as design and branding, so can uniquely bring these together.

As I pondered my situation, I realised this was where so many business owners get stuck. They have too many ideas, they don’t know where to focus their efforts, and while they might feel comfortable with one part of the equation, they don’t know how to do the other. I know how to package up offers to sell.

Having been an observer and user of many of the shiny tactics, I know many of the launch strategies business owners are taught can feel overwhelming and exhausting. To create high value scalable offers, you need more than just a launch plan; and this is why I developed and wrote my book: The Introvert Way® Roadmap.

Now I bring my 30+ years of experience working with small startups and solo entrepreneurs around the world across multiple industries, combined with creativity and practical know-how together. I use these skills and experience to help multi-passionate digital creators to sell their group programmes online and live the life they want. I've worked with over 1000 clients globally since 2015.

The magic happens from my home studio, in the beautiful countryside south of Oxford in England, UK.

We work together on the three success pillars:

strategy  |  visibility  |  implementation

I look forward to contributing to your success story.

Your Offer Architect & Visual Strategist,

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Susanna Reay

Not sure where to start? Try one of the 2 options below:



  • a full colour beautiful book
  • free online resources
  • PDF or Hard Copy options


Sparkle Frameworks® STARTER KIT


  • 4 powerful frameworks with interactive workbook
  • clarity for your business offers and marketing
  • optional upgrade for personal feedback to check you are on track

GET THE Sparkle Frameworks® STARTER KIT

How can I work with you?

I provide everything from free resources to get you going, to fast action-taking self-led learning then onwards into full on, hand-holding support where I personally hold you accountable and makes sure you reach the finish line of the training. My mission is to have every client hit the finish line with a shout of glee and inspired to take the next steps. No more thoughts of "oh god, that's another training I wasted my money on and didn't action". Not on Susanna’s watch, I'm here to make sure you thrive!

How much time do I need for this?

The Spark Space is a 12 month action-orientated support community with "Do-it Days" scheduled regularly to power-up your business. This is where the sparks fly, relationships and collaborations are built. But if you'd like to dip your toe in the water first with a self-led starter offer, then those are available for you on a few topics as a "try before you buy".

Can I chat to you about the best options for me? 

For sure! Whether you wish to email me, send a message through your favourite social platform (I'm there as @susannareay on most) or if you wish, you can book an intro call via Zoom, I'm happy to connect and hear more about your amazing business. 

My Back Story

After having lived in the US, Switzerland and France for 14 years, my family and I moved back to the UK in 2015. Re-entering into the British society was tough. And although I was setting up a business each time I unpacked life with my family somewhere new, I initially considered getting a job to get to know others as much as earning. 

But walking past a marketing agency, looking in at the rows of computers made my heart plummet to the floor, and in that moment I knew that I was never going to be able to work in an environment like that.


In 2012, I had used my experience supporting others to build my first online coaching business helping other expats to do the same but found that niche no longer worked when I arrived ‘home’ and I had to reinvent myself again.

But in 2015, I found myself struggling to grow a new online coaching business. I realised I was falling into the constant creation trap. I was constantly coming up with ideas but I wasn’t giving them long enough to develop. Nothing was gaining traction and I was also attracting the wrong people. I was shooting myself in the foot and I knew it. 

I was missing something vital.

To grow a business your clients must see an urgent need for your offering, be able to apply it to their own world easily and see results. ~ Susanna Reay

And this is how I support my clients today; I help fellow creators set up and sell their services online.

But how did this all come about Susanna?

And why do you focus on us introverts? Why do we need special support?

The Introvert Way®

The story starts a long time ago, in a galaxy far away ... well in my teenager-self bedroom, when I was deep-diving into psychology texts and learning about different personality types. Suddenly the world came into focus for me.

I realised I was introverted in nature and that was why...

  • I fell asleep after school having gone "all-in" and peopled all day
  • I loved being alone and playing with my thoughts
  • Quiet time was when my creative juices would fly

I'm sociable too, and dictionaries don't help with the definition of introversion here, as they state, incorrectly that someone who is introverted is shy or socially awkward. Just not true. It's all about how we gather energies and how we like to think up amazing ideas.

Susanna just gets me. No-one else sees me, or believes in me, the way Susanna has. Her trainings are a wonderful mix of letting you go at your own pace and giving you personal support. I would never have got to where I am without her support. Thank you Susanna.

- From a loving client (who prefers to stay anonymous, and I get that too. x)

I'm Susanna Reay, Business Spark Mentor specialising in helping coaches, consultants and therapists design and scale their business online, The Introvert Way®. I love working with digital creators; introverts, empaths, idea generators, manifestors, deep thinkers, healers, change-makers and practical go-getters. You don't have to be introverted to benefit from The Spark Space.

As an introvert myself, I understand the importance of maintaining our energy boundaries to avoid burnout so we achieve the sustainable income and lifestyle we all desire. But these days, with all the noise online, I see those more extroverted struggling too. We all need to create the right balance in our lives to thrive. With this is mind, The Spark Space is open to all digital creators selling a transformational service. 

I've been working online since 2006, and seen what works and what doesn't... so today I can share the years of experience with you, to save you time by giving you focused direction and accountability. The Introvert Way™ Roadmap (my published book) outlines the best way to grow your knowledge-based business online without overwhelm and exhaustion.

If you're wondering how my surname is pronounced, it's "RAY" as in a "SUN RAY".  I follow my name and bring rays of light into your business.

My unique colour twist to monetising your expertise increases both your confidence and brand message to ensure you connect with your audience in the best way possible, helping you stand out from your competition.

So are you ready to create the hottest offers on the online block?

If you're doing a little happy dance, then click this humble button and check out your options:

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