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These gems will get you started on your quest for online business power.

👉 Course Creation Template; an Excel spreadsheet documents set up and ready for you to fill as you plan your first online course.

👉 8 Steps to Sell Your Online Course; follow these steps in sequence to give yourself the best chance for success when you open the doors to your new course.

👉 Subscriber Action Plan; once someone gives you their email address in return for your touchpoint offer, what's next?! This Subscriber action plan has you covered with the welcome series of emails laid out for you to use, complete with how long you should leave to wait between each email. 

👉 The Introvert Planner; a one sheet beautiful golden and printable planner to keep you focused weekly on your goals

👉 49 Ways to be Visible Online; tips on how to get visible online, and download the checklist, as well as several other high value templates to help you grow your business online.

They are free... and punch high in value and action taking so you can really make moves in your online business TODAY

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